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Case Study: Elevating IESE Business School’s Executive Programme with Expert Academic Writing

Project Scope

The project involved a critical role in content generation for an Executive Programme at IESE Business School, part of the University of Navarra, one of the world’s premier business schools. Collaborating with E-mociona, a Spanish organisation specialising in e-learning projects, the focus was on transforming webinar recordings from various professors and experts into polished academic content. This content was aimed at enriching Nano Open Online Courses (NOOCs), designed to offer quick, focused learning experiences for executives seeking skill enhancement without the extensive time commitment of traditional courses.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to reframe and rephrase expert-led webinar recordings to suit a native English-speaking, university-level audience, ensuring the material was engaging, clear, and of high educational value. This task demanded not only a deep understanding of the subject matter but also the ability to translate complex ideas into accessible academic English. The project required swift turnarounds, with a 48-hour window for complete rewrites and content structuring, plus an additional 24 hours for any necessary adjustments.

Edukeit’s Approach

Edukeit’s strategy was methodical and focused on precision in academic writing, business English, and subject matter expertise. The approach entailed:

  • Content Refinement: Webinar recordings were meticulously reframed and rephrased to match the expectations of an international postgraduate audience, focusing on clarity, engagement, and educational depth.
  • Rapid Turnaround: A fast-paced schedule was maintained, with strict deadlines ensuring that each NOOC was rewritten and proposed for a table of contents within 48 hours, followed by a 24-hour period for revisions.
  • Academic Rigour: The content covered a broad spectrum of contemporary business topics, including digital transformation, business model innovation, value proposition development in the digital age, asset strategy, and fundamentals of artificial intelligence. Each topic was crafted to meet high academic standards and relevance to current business challenges.
  • Engagement with Subject Matter Experts: Close collaboration with professors and industry experts ensured the content remained true to the original insights while making it accessible and engaging for the target audience.

Outcomes and Successes

The successful execution of this project resulted in significant achievements for the IESE Business School’s Executive Programme:

  • Enhanced Learning Materials: The NOOCs were enriched with high-quality academic content, tailored to the needs and expectations of executive learners, enhancing the overall learning experience.
  • Quick Skill Enhancement: The project effectively addressed the demand for quick and focused content, enabling learners to enhance their skills efficiently in line with their professional commitments.
  • Global Audience Engagement: By delivering content in academic English, the programme catered to an international audience, ensuring wider accessibility and engagement.
  • Positive Feedback: The revised content received positive feedback from participants and faculty alike, acknowledging the clarity, engagement, and depth of the material.


The collaboration between Edukeit and IESE Business School to enhance the Executive Programme’s content demonstrates the transformative potential of expert academic writing in the realm of executive education. By combining subject matter expertise with pedagogical insight, the project not only elevated the quality of educational materials but also contributed to the global reputation of IESE as a leader in business education. This case study highlights the importance of targeted, high-quality content in meeting the evolving needs of today’s business professionals and sets a benchmark for future academic writing projects in the executive education space.

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