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Case Study: Enhancing Sales and Onboarding with Quote SaaS’s E-Learning Programs

Project Scope

The project entailed a comprehensive development and execution of e-learning and onboarding processes for Quote SaaS, formerly known as Quote Countertops, a pioneering software company in the remodelling industry. The company’s innovative software, designed for kitchen and bathroom visualizations and quoting, required a robust onboarding and training program to ensure both internal staff and external clients could maximize its potential. The initiative covered a wide range of tasks from sales training to digital content creation, leveraging tools such as Camtasia, Filmora, and WordPress, aimed at enhancing product knowledge and improving sales strategies.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to develop an effective training and onboarding program that could cater to a diverse audience, including sales representatives, telemarketers, and clients across different regions, notably Quebec and Latin America. This necessitated not only a deep understanding of the product and its market but also the ability to create engaging, informative content that could be easily understood by users with varying levels of technical expertise and language proficiency.

Edukeit’s Approach

Edukeit, acting as the E-Learning and Onboarding Expert, adopted a multi-faceted strategy to address these challenges:

  • Sales and Product Familiarisation: Initially working in sales provided invaluable insights into the product, services, and industry, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent training materials.
  • Comprehensive Training Materials: Development of a complete sales training deck for sales representatives and telemarketers, incorporating detailed scripts, video content, and interactive learning sessions.
  • Instructional Videos: Over 20 instructional videos were produced using ScreenFlow, VideoMakerFX, and Photoshop, detailing the software’s features and benefits. These videos were tailored for both public dissemination and in-house training, with specific content created for key clients like Rebath.
  • Language Accessibility: Subtitles in English, French, and Spanish were added to videos, expanding accessibility to clients in Quebec and Latin America, ensuring effective communication across language barriers.
  • Digital Integration: Leveraging digital tools across the company’s website, directories, and social media platforms to enhance the visibility and utility of the training materials.

Outcomes and Successes

The implementation of the e-learning and onboarding program marked a significant achievement in enhancing Quote SaaS’s market positioning and operational efficiency. Key successes included:

  • Enhanced Sales Performance: The sales training deck and instructional videos significantly improved the knowledge and effectiveness of sales representatives and telemarketers, leading to better customer interactions and sales outcomes.
  • Increased Product Adoption: The clear, concise instructional materials facilitated easier adoption of the software by companies, notably leading to improved usage and satisfaction among prominent clients.
  • Wider Audience Reach: The inclusion of multilingual subtitles ensured that the training materials were accessible to a broader audience, enhancing customer support and engagement in key markets.
  • Improved Onboarding Process: The comprehensive onboarding materials streamlined the integration of new employees and clients, reducing the time needed to become proficient with the software.


The e-learning and onboarding initiatives undertaken for Quote SaaS exemplify the transformative power of tailored educational content and digital integration in driving product knowledge, sales efficiency, and customer satisfaction. By closely aligning training materials with the needs of both internal and external stakeholders, Edukeit has not only facilitated smoother onboarding processes but also contributed to the company’s overall success in the competitive remodelling industry software market.

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