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Case Study: Revolutionising Nursing Training with Novétude Santé’s Telehealth Programme

Project Scope

Novétude Santé embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionise nursing training within the healthcare sector, focusing on the burgeoning field of telecare. The initiative aimed to design and implement a government-subsidised, expert-led nursing training programme, leveraging the latest in digital education methodologies. The programme covered an array of topics crucial to modern healthcare, including telehealth, telecare, teleexperience, telemonitoring, medical regulation, and teleconsultation.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was the digitalisation and instructional design of complex healthcare content, making it accessible and engaging for nurses. This required a nuanced understanding of telecare principles, as outlined by the French Ministry of Health and Prevention, and the ability to translate these into effective learning materials. Another significant hurdle was creating a cohesive structure that would facilitate remote learning while ensuring the content was interactive and conducive to retention.

Edukeit’s Approach

Edukeit tackled this challenge with a comprehensive strategy, focusing on content creation, copywriting, instructional design, and storyboarding. The approach involved:

  • Content Creation and Digitalisation: Edukeit developed a rich array of learning materials, including summaries, questions, tests, and instructions for visual production. This included the use of PowerPoint, PDF documents, and images provided by the client, all designed to support the video content delivered by health experts.
  • Instructional Design: A detailed instructional design was developed for the telehealth module, utilising an Airtable pro forma to organise content. This approach allowed for the integration of text, images, and multimedia content, with a clear plan for each module’s presentation and learner interaction.
  • Storyboarding: Edukeit created detailed storyboards for the programme, outlining how content would be presented to learners. This meticulous planning ensured that the programme was structured in a way that was both engaging and educationally effective.
  • LMS Organisation: The content was organised for delivery through an LMS (Learning Management System), with Edukeit providing options such as Rise or Articulate Storyline. This step was crucial for visualising and planning the course structure, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all necessary topics.

Outcomes and Successes

The development and launch of Novétude Santé’s nursing training programme on telecare represented a significant leap forward in healthcare education. Key outcomes included:

  • Enhanced Learning Experience: Nurses benefitted from an engaging, interactive learning experience that was both flexible and accessible, accommodating the demanding schedules of healthcare professionals.
  • Comprehensive Content Coverage: The programme offered a thorough exploration of telehealth-related topics, ensuring nurses were well-prepared for the evolving demands of healthcare delivery.
  • Increased Accessibility: Digitalisation and effective instructional design made complex healthcare concepts more accessible, improving the quality of care provided to patients.
  • Positive Feedback: The programme received positive feedback from participants, who appreciated the depth of content and the flexibility of the learning platform.


Novétude Santé’s nursing training programme represents a significant achievement in healthcare education, showcasing the potential of digital learning solutions in professional development. By combining expert-led content with innovative instructional design and digitalisation techniques, Edukeit has contributed to the advancement of nursing training, setting a new standard for healthcare education. This case study underscores the importance of adapting to technological advancements in the pursuit of improving healthcare outcomes and professional competencies.

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