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Implementing E-Learning Excellence at ISSA Sailing Schools: A Case Study

Implementing E-Learning Excellence at ISSA Sailing Schools: A Case Study

In the rapidly evolving landscape of professional education, the transition towards digital learning platforms represents a significant leap forward in accessibility and engagement. This case study delves into the successful implementation of an e-learning platform at the International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA), undertaken by Edukeit, an e-learning consultant and WordPress expert. The project showcases a comprehensive approach to instructional design, leveraging digital tools to enhance the educational experience for sailing enthusiasts worldwide. For further details and visuals, please visit the portfolio at Edukeit’s Portfolio.

Project Scope

ISSA, with its global network of 3,500 associated sailing schools, required a modern e-learning solution to standardize and elevate its certification programs. The scope of this project included the creation and development of a dynamic e-learning platform and model for all certification programs. This entailed designing and implementing the platform using WordPress, developing content aligned with certification standards, and ensuring the platform’s successful implementation across ISSA’s extensive network.

The Challenge

The primary challenge lay in the ambitious timeline and the project’s scale. With just one month to develop a complete online course, the task demanded not only rapid development but also a high degree of precision and creativity. The course was to include 50 videos, 20 interactive quizzes, and over 140 modules, all designed for adult learners. The project required working independently and remotely, utilizing a variety of digital tools for content creation, including Audacity, ScreenFlow, QuickTime, Affinity, and Photoshop.

Edukeit’s Approach

Recognizing the transformative potential of e-learning, Edukeit proposed a dynamic online learning platform to ISSA in January 2020. By translating this vision into action, a prototype for ISSA’s inaugural online course was crafted, comprising instructional videos, interactive quizzes, and comprehensive modules. The development process involved meticulous planning and execution, utilizing a suite of software tools to produce high-quality, interactive learning materials. Operating under a strict deadline, Edukeit managed the project with a commitment to efficiency, autonomy, and excellence.

Outcomes and Successes

The launch of the ISSA e-learning platform in May 2020 marked a significant advancement in the association’s educational offerings. The platform introduced a flexible and accessible online learning model, significantly enhancing the learning experience for sailors worldwide. This success not only underscored the effectiveness of digital learning but also highlighted the importance of innovative instructional design in professional certification programs.


The ISSA e-learning platform project stands as a testament to the power of digital transformation in the educational sector. Through strategic planning, innovative design, and efficient execution, Edukeit demonstrated the potential of e-learning to enrich learning outcomes and broaden educational access. This case study exemplifies the pivotal role of digital platforms in modernizing professional education, setting a new standard for sailing instruction worldwide.