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IESE Business School – Academic Writing

Content Generator for Executive Programme in English

At E-mociona, a Spanish organisation dedicated to e-learning projects, I had the opportunity to support the content generation team across various NOOCs (Nano Open Online Courses, useful for skill enhancement, especially for learners who need quick and focused content without the time commitment required for longer courses.).

I was provided with lessons which were led by various professors and experts in their respective fields. My role involved receiving recordings of their webinars, which I then reframed and rephrased to suit a native and university-level audience for a postgraduate / executive program at the University of Navarra. The content was delivered in English to international students, ensuring clarity, engagement, and educational value.

During my tenure, I successfully navigated five key topics, establishing quick turnarounds (48 hours per NOOC for an entire rewrite and table of contents proposal + 24 hours for any adjustments/rewrites):

1/ Digital Transformation Journey: This lesson explored the evolving role of technology in the modern business landscape.
2/ Digital Density and Business Model Innovation: We delved into how data predicts the future of business and industry, discussing new business models.
3/ Building New Value Propositions in a Digital World: This covered various aspects, including the Jobs to Be Done framework, understanding the buyer persona, prioritising customer experience, and harnessing data for value creation.
4/ Asset Strategy in the Digital Age: This NOOC spoke about implementing agile methodologies, fostering a system of collaborative activities, adopting a mindset geared towards continuous learning, making decisions based on data analysis, engaging in ecosystem partnering, and reinforcing a culture of collaborative systems.
5/ Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence: This NOOC covered a basic understanding of AI, the use of computational tools and programming languages in AI development, and an exploration of machine learning. It included an in-depth look at supervised learning with training data, feature engineering in supervised learning, the principles of unsupervised learning, and the concepts of reinforcement learning. Additionally, it encompassed making data-driven predictions based on historical patterns, the practical applications of AI, and an evaluation of its strengths and limitations.

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