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Implementing E-Learning Excellence at ISSA Sailing Schools: A Case Study

ISSA Sailing Schools – Instructional Design

E-Learning Implementer for ISSA International Sailing Schools Association

As an e-learning consultant and WordPress expert for ISSA, I led the creation and development of the e-learning platform and model for all certification programs. This included designing and implementing the platform using WordPress, as well as collaborating with stakeholders to develop the content and ensure its alignment with the certification standards. The project involved working closely with ISSA’s 3,500 associated sailing schools worldwide to ensure the successful implementation of the platform and the achievement of the certification goals.

⛵After pitching ISSA on the importance of E-learning back in January 2020, I put together the prototype for their Online Course (a complete online course containing 50 videos, 20 interactive quizzes, and 140+ modules), to be launched by summer 2020. 

✅ Working from a PDF and images I was to create a complete course, ranging from an index to explanatory videos, as well as tests, giving opportunities to learners to interact and retain information. 

✅ I had a strict 1 month timeline and worked 100% independently and remote. This content was for adults and I combined written and interactive elements as well as videos. 

✅ Use of Audacity, ScreenFlow, QuickTime, Affinity, and PhotoShop for content creation. 

⚓ Delivery: May 2020