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Novétude Santé – Healthcare

Contract Instructional Designer

👩‍💻 Instructional design on the topic of telecare:

💡 According to the French Ministry of Health and Prevention ( ‘ Telecare allows a medical assistant or pharmacist to care for a patient and follow him remotely thanks to technology… ”

✅ Topics covered: telehealth, telecare, teleexperience, telemonitoring, medical regulation, teleconsultation.

✅ Creation of content for a government subsidised and expert-led nursing training programme, which includes writing summaries, questions, tests and instructions for the visual production team (videos by the health expert to be filmed alone or with a presenter) . Materials provided by the client: PowerPoint, PDF documents, images, all regarding the key concepts that were to be covered by the health expert in video format.

✅ Detailed design (Storyboard) of the telehealth module, organising the content of the programme and determining how it would be presented to the learners (nurses). With an Airtable pro forma I presented the information, using text, images, prompts for video or other multimedia content, with a detailed plan for each module of the programme, while indicating how the content should be presented and how students could interact with it.

✅ Organised the content for an LMS, either Rise or Articulate Storyline (platform to be determined later by the client), while allowing to visualise and plan the structure and course of the video production, as well as ensure that all aspects were covered effectively.