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Quote – SaaS

As their E-Learning and Onboarding Expert for just under 1 year – I freelanced full-time.

Initially, I worked in sales to gain familiarity with the products, services, and the software and remodelling industry as a whole. As I progressed to become the On-boarding Expert, my responsibilities expanded to managing the on-boarding process for small to large companies, implementing the CRM system, and utilising digital tools across their website, directories, and social media platforms. Additionally, I took on the task of creating training materials for future employees.

At Quote Countertops (recently rebranded as Quote Kitchen and Bath), I developed the complete Sales training deck for sales representatives and telemarketers. I also conducted induction sessions and training workshops to enhance product knowledge. Furthermore, I produced over 20 instructional videos using tools such as ScreenFlow, VideoMakerFX, and Photoshop. I wrote the scripts for these videos, explaining the software’s marketing and sales capabilities in a simple manner, and then recorded and edited the voiceovers. While some of the videos were publicly available, others were specifically created for in-house training purposes for prominent companies like Rebath that utilize the software.

To provide additional support and guidance to Quote’s customers in Quebec and Latin America, I created subtitles in English, French, and Spanish. This allowed for effective communication with a wider audience.

Quote Countertops, a software company specializing in the remodelling industry, offers a fully-mobile kitchen and bathroom visualizer and quoting tool that can be integrated into various social platforms and responsive websites (such as Facebook, Yelp, YP, Google Business page, Pinterest, etc.). Their innovative approach has revolutionised the way consumers make purchasing decisions and has contributed to increased business and revenue through their impressive conversion rates (25% of users who interact with the software provide their contact details) and lead capture tool.