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Crafting Success: A Case Study on "How to Think Like a Female Founder"

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As a Freelance e-learning specialist, AllBright hired me to write their second course as the first was rejected by FutureLearn until the second round. My course however was accepted at the first round.

✅ 80 modules (each containing 1 to 3 short videos + downloadable worksheets + prompt for Forum/Comments section)

✅ LMS (and CMS): FutureLearn

✅ Expert-led and video-led course: structure and content based on 8 interviews (4 different experts in the UK) in Business, Business Management, Business Coaching, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

✅ Course in (British) English

👩‍💼Working with AllBright has allowed me to design an entire program on an invigorating current topic, the “entrepreneurial mindset”.

📖 With a clear goal and a tight 3-month schedule, I got straight into this project: ‘How to Think Like a Female Founder’. With a chapter taken from the book written by the co-founders of the company, I was given as a concept a starting point (“The Entrepreneurial Mindset”) as well as the requirements to be met in order to be published on the FutureLearn site (well-known aggregator online course site in the UK with a large number of programs being published by major British universities). With a budget to interview 4 experts and 3 months to complete the project, I created 80 modules in their entirety.

📑 As an instructional designer, I produced the content of the storyboard, interviewed business experts, and wrote all the texts, MCQs, PDFs, while defining the learning objectives for each chapter. Once my course proposal was accepted by both AllBright and FutureLearn (week 1), I then proceeded to compile and create all the content, interviewing the experts, preparing the briefs for the shoots (London), bringing together authentic and unique resources such as worksheets and other activities to support the text and video content of the 80 modules (4 chapters in all).

Then, as a pedagogical engineer, I integrated everything on the LMS platform. I worked alongside the AllBright video production team (based in London), the design team and the FutureLearn QA team. I also offered a complete proofreading of all the subtitles which had been outsourced and often erroneous due to the lack of specific subject knowledge (in particular acronyms and punctuation).

✅ My course was integrated well on time and passed quality assurance tests with flying colours on its very first submission to aggregator FutureLearn. Launch: November 23, 2020.

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