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Roche Diabetes Care Digital Training Transformation: A Case Study

Project Scope

Roche Diabetes Care, a leading entity in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, embarked on a mission to revolutionise its in-house training methodology through the digitalisation of all training materials. This ambitious project aimed to create a comprehensive suite of digital resources, including e-learning courses, video tutorials, webinars, and more, tailored for healthcare professionals and patients. The scope extended to modernizing content, leveraging artificial intelligence, and embracing cutting-edge tools like Vyond, Synthesia, Articulate Rise, and Cornerstone to enhance the learning experience.

The Challenge

The primary challenge lay in the transition from traditional training methods to a fully digital platform. This entailed not just the technological shift but also ensuring that the digital content was engaging, informative, and accessible to a diverse audience. Additionally, maintaining the accuracy and relevance of medical information, collaborating effectively with subject matter experts (SMEs), and meeting strict project timelines added layers of complexity to the undertaking.

Edukeit’s Approach

Edukeit, led by a seasoned Lead Instructional Designer, adopted a multi-faceted strategy to address these challenges. The team focused on:

  • Instructional Design and Storyboarding: Crafting educational narratives that are both compelling and educational, employing tools like Figma and Filmora for design and video creation.
  • Digitalisation and Content Creation: Utilizing platforms such as Google Drive and Gsite for collaboration and content management, alongside advanced software like Camtasia for video scripting and production.
  • Engagement through AI: Integrating artificial intelligence to modernize content, including the use of avatars and AI voiceovers through Synthesia, to create a more interactive and personalized learning experience.
  • Collaboration with SMEs: Ensuring content accuracy and relevance by working closely with subject matter experts, incorporating their feedback, and keeping abreast of industry trends.
  • Platform Migration and LMS Utilization: Seamlessly migrating to digital platforms and making extensive use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) for streamlined content delivery and performance tracking.

Outcomes and Successes

The initiative was met with resounding success, achieving remarkable outcomes:

  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The digitalization of training materials led to more engaging and interactive learning modules that catered to the needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike.
  • Increased Accessibility: Digital resources became accessible to a broader audience, facilitating anytime, anywhere learning.
  • Improved Content Relevance and Accuracy: Collaboration with SMEs ensured the content was not only accurate but also aligned with the latest healthcare trends and technologies.
  • Efficient Project Management: Adherence to timelines and the efficient management of resources were achieved through meticulous planning and the use of project management tools.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Monitoring content performance and leveraging analytics enabled data-driven decisions to further refine and improve the training materials.
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The digital transformation journey of Roche Diabetes Care’s training materials, spearheaded by Edukeit, stands as a testament to the power of innovative instructional design, collaboration, and technology in enhancing educational content. This project not only modernized training delivery within the healthcare sector but also set a new benchmark for digital learning initiatives. The successful deployment of this digitalization project underscores the potential for technology to transform educational paradigms, making learning more accessible, engaging, and effective.